Home is where the hearth is, so keep it warm with a Fire Genie.

How does the FireGenie work?

The FireGenie has a lid that can be easily opened and closed using the supplied metal poker. When a homeowner wishes to light their fire, they take the poker and open the FireGenie. Once opened they can light the fire as normal, and the smoke from the fire will escape past the Fire Genie's open lid and up the chimney. When the fire has died down at the end of the evening, the homeowner simply closes the Fire Genie lid using the poker; this ensures that the warm air is retained in the room and cold air is prevented from entering the room.

Does the FireGenie fit all known fire places?

The FireGenie can be fitted in about 95% of the solid fuel fire places. These fire places typically have either a 16" or 18" fireback, for which the FireGenie 100 Damper is appropriate. The FireGenie can be installed on 20" and 22" firebacks, but this requires a larger version of the device (the FireGenie 200 Damper).

Is there a fitting service that I can avail of?

Yes. We have a team of qualified fitters who will install your FireGenie for you.This typically takes less than 1 hour and our experienced installers will give you professional advice on how to use the damper and can offer you a comprehensive chimney cleaning service. Please contact us for further details.

Can the FireGenie be fitted on a fire-back that has a gas coal-effect fire?

Not at the moment, although we are currently working on such a device.

Does the FireGenie completely seal off the chimney when closed?

No. In order to allow ventilation of the chimney and thereby prevent the build-up of damp, the Fire Genie does allow some air to move between the room and the chimney.

Can a chimney be swept that has a FireGenieinstalled?

Yes. The FireGenie has been designed specifically with this in mind. When the Genie is fully open a chimney sweeper will have ample room to access the stack with their brushes.

Does the FireGenie require any routine maintenance?

A small amount of maintenance is required. We recommend this is done once every other year at the same time as your chimney is swept.