Home is where the hearth is, so keep it warm with a Fire Genie.

Buying a Fire Genie

We provide a nationwide supply and fit service for the FireGenie chimney damper.
Standard FireGenie chimney dampers fit 16"-18" firebacks, we estimate that within 18-24 months of use, the FireGenie will have paid back its cost. After this time the FireGenie is effectively free and should give you between 130.00 - 180.00 saving in your fuel usage per year.

Larger fireplaces, anything from 450cm to 1.5m are called ‘specials’. These FireGenie's are custom made to suit any size of opening.

We give a money back guarantee, if you’re not happy with the FireGenie or feel you’re not saving money, we will take the FireGenie out and give you a full refund.

For information on local fitters and how to purchase the FireGenie please fill in our online form and we will get in contact with you, alternatively you can call or email us at your convenience.

We currently supply and fit FireGenie's in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, France and the Republic of Ireland.

Please Note: At the moment the FireGenie cannot be fitted to a gas fire contact us for further infomation.

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