Home is where the hearth is, so keep it warm with a FireGenie.

Fire Genie

The FireGenie is a user-friendly steel damper and draught excluder. FireGenie prevents warm air in a rom from escaping through the chimney, while blocking the entry of cold air.

  • Draught exclusion.
  • Prevents soot falling onto your hearth and flooring/carpets.
  • Can help extinguish chimney fires.
  • Reduce outside noise levels.
  • Comes with a 2 year warranty.*

*extendable up to 5 years.

Be Warm, Be Safe , Be Smart with a Fire Genie.

The FireGenie is a chimney damper that sits on an open fire’s fireback. A chimney damper is simply a device that when fully closed seals off a chimney’s flue thereby preventing pre-heated air from escaping up the chimney as well as blocking the entry of cold draughts into a room.

The FireGenie controls the rate at which your chimney draws by providing a number of fail-safe locking positions from the fully open to the fully closed. The fully open position allows a chimney to draw air from a room at a maximum rate, and this is required in order to ensure that when a fire is lit in the grate it takes hold. The intermediate fail-safe positions control the rate at which the air is drawn up the chimney, and this ultimately has a bearing on the rate at which fuel is burnt. The fully closed position is only to be used when the fire is out or when the fire is not lit.

The FireGenie can be fitted causing minimum disruption (typically 1 hour) by our experienced certified installers who can also provide chimney servicing.

  • Fitting a FireGenie is the cheapest and most cost efficient of creating a closed flue system for your house.
  • Independent tests prove that your solid fuels cost are reduces by over 50%
  • FireGenie has adapted the original idea of the chimney draught excluder as seen in Victorian houses and improves it to include a damper system.
  • The FireGenie can be fitted to all new standard fireplaces and can be retrofitted to suit all sizes of fireplaces.
  • The FireGenie is made from galvanised mild steel and powder coated with fire proof paint which has been tested up to 1,200 degrees C.
  • It is manufactured in the United Kingdom under ISO 9001 Quality Management Standards.
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